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After failed attempts at collective bargaining, the distraught Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers took the situation into their own hands, which led to the -
a) Homestead Act of 1862.
b) American Federation of Labor.
c) Homestead Strike of 1892.
d) Haymarket Riot of 1886.

Women gained the right to vote with the passage of which amendment to the Constitution to the United States?
a) 13th
b) 15th
c) 18th
d) 19th

“The best women I know do not want to vote, said Horace Greeley. This statement deals with -
a) trustbusting.
b) temperance.
c) segregation.
d) suffrage.

In the late 19th century there was a movement to deny people the right to buy and drink alcohol. Which of the following is the correct term with regard to that effort?
a) Trustbusting
b) Temperance movement
c) Abolitionist front
d) Progressive movement

In an effort to protect the common worker -
a) skilled groups were formed.
b) labor unions were created.
c) workers organized by cultural background.
d) reformists became unorganized.

Which of the following is NOT an example of the growth of industry?
a) access to raw materials
b) higher-cost production
c) inventions
d) financial resources

As a result of industrialization, people living on the Great Plains were able to purchase consumer goods through -
a) telegraph.
b) telephone.
c) mail order catalogs.
d) pony express.

A rapidly growing industry -
a) caused people to move away from the crowded cities.
b) created a need for more labor in the city.
c) meant that rural areas had a lower tax base.
d) prevented people from immigrating to the United States.

Which resulted from mechanization in farming?
a) the need for labor was reduced
b) production remained the same
c) production decreased
d) the need for labor increased

Americans became aware of items to purchase through 
a) advertisements.
b) low taxes.
c) suffrage.
d) high cost production.

Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller - 35. Which title best describes these three men?
a) Leaders of unions
b) Captains of industry
c) Inventors
d) Politicians

Businesses enjoyed rapid growth because of what key factor?
a) more modern transportation became available
b) fewer immigrants were working
c) more government regulation of business
d) higher costs in production of goods

Workers banded together to form systematic organizations that would fight for their rights as workers, such as the -
a) National Federation of Labor.
b) Union Labor League.
c) American Workmen’s Union.
d) American Federation of Labor.

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