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High average daily temperature and heavy annual rainfall is found in a:
a) desert
b) grassland
c) rainforest
d) tundra

Which type of ecosystem can be found in the mountain region of North Carolina?
a) estuary
b) grassland
c) deciduous forest
d) tropical rain forest

Which two ecosystems are terrestrial?
a) ponds and lakes
b) forests and estuaries
c) oceans and grasslands
d) forests and grasslands

Which statement most accurately describes a pond ecosystem?
a) Coral reefs grow in a pond.
b) Evergreen trees grow in a pond.
c) Cattail and pond lily grow in a pond.
d) Palm trees grow in a pond.

How are estuaries and ocean ecosystems similar?
a) They both have rich soil.
b) They both contain salt water.
c) They both support a lot of plant life.
d) They both have extremely cold temperatures.

In which ecosystem would you MOST LIKELY find bison, prairie dogs, and woody shrubs?
a) grassland
b) pond
c) salt marsh
d) forest

Which term BEST describes an ecosystem with a pond, ducks, frogs, fish, lily pads, snails, insects, and trees?
a) forest ecosystem
b) grassland ecosystem
c) terrestrial ecosystem
d) aquatic ecosystem

Which BEST describes algae?
a) producers in a pond ecosystem
b) consumers in a pond ecosystem
c) prey in a forest ecosystem
d) predators in a salt marsh ecosystem

How are estuaries different from lakes, rivers, and oceans?
a) Estuaries contain only salt water.
b) Estuaries contain only freshwater.
c) Estuaries contain both salt water and freshwater.
d) Estuaries are terrestrial ecosystems.

An ecosystem contains ferns, rabbits, and many trees. Which BEST describes this ecosystem?
a) aquatic ecosystem
b) grassland ecosystem
c) lake ecosystem
d) forest ecosystem

Which is most responsible for recycling dead plants and animals in an ecosystem?
a) water
b) bacteria
c) fish
d) insects

Which is a freshwater ecosystem?
a) a lake
b) an ocean
c) an estuary
d) a salt marsh

Which organism is a producer?
a) frog
b) mushroom
c) grass
d) lizard

Which is an example of a decomposer?
a) hawk
b) mouse
c) flower
d) mushroom

Both forests and grasslands are:
a) aquatic ecosystems.
b) terrestrial ecosystems.
c) made up mostly of trees.
d) always in cold places.

Which includes organisms commonly found in a deciduous forest?
a) deer, squirrel, mouse
b) cactus, wildflower, tortoise
c) grass, prairie dogs, bison
d) lizard, scorpion, kangaroo rat

Which describes what makes one ecosystem different from another?
a) the amount of sunlight, rainfall, temperature, and species type
b) the amount of animals, oxygen, plant life, and pollution
c) the amount of carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, and soil
d) the amount of soil, water, buildings, and humans

Which lists animals that live in an aquatic ecosystem?
a) black bear, deer, vole
b) ducks, turtles, amphibians
c) panthers, monkeys, snakes
d) prairie dogs, bison, grasshoppers

How are salt marshes and lakes similar?
a) They both contain salt water.
b) They both contain freshwater.
c) They both contain monkeys.
d) They both contain sea turtles.

Which of the following are examples of aquatic ecosystems:
a) lake, pond, forest
b) ocean, grassland, lake
c) estuary, grassland, ocean
d) ocean, lake, estuary

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