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Which result reflects an IT project that is properly managed?
a) Employees become frustrated and angry because training on new systems usually lags behind project completion.
b) Employee productivity loss is minimized.
c) Employee productivity is adversely affected.
d) Animosity among departments occurs because the success of the IT project overshadows the accomplishments of the other departm

Project management software often contains Gantt charts. What is the purpose of Gantt charts?
a) To graphically display the project tasks and task durations
b) To graphically display stages of task completion and cost status of the project
c) To graphically display problems that need to be escalated for resolution
d) To graphically display the project tasks and corresponding deadlines

Which of the following is generally used in non-interactive Web events?
a) Webinar
b) Voice conference
c) Webcast
d) Web conference

What is a project constraint?
a) A factor, such as budget or time, that limits a project manager's options
b) A factor that is considered to be real or certain for planning purposes
c) A document that displays the planned dates for performing tasks and meeting deadlines
d) A document that contains the project goals and specifies how those goals will be met

One way that a project manager can ensure the delivery of a quality product is to adhere to ISO 9000 standards. ISO 9000:
a) outlines the rights of IT professionals and their responsibilities to the organizations for which they work.
b) details recommended steps for producing products and services using a quality-management system that maximizes time, money an
c) identifies nine topic areas, each of which provides a set of principles and techniques to help project managers manage proje
d) details the segregation of duties that project team members should employ to independently verify that project tasks were com

In project management, a resource is:
a) a person, department or device needed to accomplish a unit of work.
b) a sequence of work units that must be accomplished within a defined time frame.
c) a unit of work that must be accomplished.
d) the appointment of a person, department or device to a unit of work.

Lisa has received a file attachment from a co-worker, James. She has no reason to expect a file from this person. The most effective security strategy for Lisa to follow would be:
a) to make back-up copies of important files so that she can recover them in case of an incident.
b) to call, text or IM James before opening the attachment, to verify that he intended to send it.
c) to open the file attachment and use anti-virus software to scan it.
d) to use anti-virus software to scan the system's hard disk before opening the attachment.

What does anti-virus software do?
a) It prevents you from opening a program or file sent to you via e-mail or instant messaging.
b) It detects viruses by recognizing patterns called signature profiles, and warns you if your system is infected so you avoid t
c) It fortifies computer systems over time by repeated exposure to weak but similar viruses, building immunity to newer viruses
d) It detects viruses by recognizing patterns called signature profiles, then immediately disinfects your hard drive.

Your computer crashed, and you lost many personal and work-related files. You just got a new computer, but you are now much more concerned about viruses and other security threats. Which strategy can help you protect your computer against virus attac
a) Perform regular backups of your hard drive.
b) Update the definitions on your anti-virus application frequently.
c) Disable your Web browser's automatic security settings so you can manually control the content you download.
d) Open e-mail attachments only from unknown senders.

Which of the following is an electronic stamp that can verify the integrity of data and the identity of the message source?
a) Digital signature
b) Certificate authority
c) Secure authentication
d) Private key

Which term is used to describe the process that converts data into an unreadable form of text?
a) Authentication
b) Decryption
c) Encryption
d) Certification

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