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A book is sitting on a table. Which of the following actions would add to its potential energy?
a) Sliding it across the table.
b) Placing it on a higher shelf.
c) Dropping it.
d) Opening the book.

Which of the following examples best demonstrates kinetic energy?
a) A dog taking a nap.
b) A roller coaster car speeding down a big hill.
c) A roller coaster car waiting at the top of a hill.
d) A brick lying on the ground.

An airplane is demonstrating a conversion of kinetic to potential energy when –
a) more passengers board the plane.
b) the wheels spin as it lands on the ground
c) It ascends to a higher altitude.
d) it is moving downward.

A snowball sits at the top of the hill. Which of the following changes will increase the kinetic energy of the snowball?
a) The snowball is pushed and rolls down the hill, gaining speed.
b) Additional snow falls on the snowball, increasing its mass.
c) The weather warms and the snowball melts, decreasing its mass.
d) The snowball is moved and now sits on a hill that is higher.

A truck is parked at the bottom of a hill. It moves from the bottom of a hill and parks at the top. Compared to when it was parked at the bottom of the hill at its new position, the truck now has –
a) More kinetic energy.
b) Less kinetic energy.
c) More potential energy.
d) Less potential energy.

Potential energy and kinetic energy are similar in that both –
a) are demonstrated when an object is at rest.
b) depend on the height of an object above the ground.
c) will produce an increase in the mass of an object.
d) can each be converted into the other form.

Potential Energy
a) Energy that is stored in a system or object.
b) Energy of motion.
c) The change of energy from one type to another.
d) A unit used to measure energy.

Kinetic Energy
a) A unit used to measure energy.
b) The change of energy from one type to another.
c) Energy of motion.
d) Energy that is stored in a system or object.

Energy Transformation
a) Transformation of the energy of a battery from hot to cold.
b) The change of energy from one type to another; for example, chemical energy to electrical energy to light energy.
c) Energy that is stored in a system.
d) An unit used to measure density.

What is a JOULE?
a) A unit that measures density.
b) A unit that measures heat.
c) A unit that measures energy.
d) A unit that measures the distance of the sun from the planet.

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