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Early in their history, Mongols were known for the ability to
a) navigate the seas by mapping the stars
b) grow wheat
c) make fine jewelry and craft items for trade
d) use horses for fighting.

During the Tang period, trade improved because of the reopening of the Silk Road and the opening of
a) gold mines
b) larger caravans
c) new seaports
d) the Porcelain Road

During the Song dynasty, the painting of these was popular.
a) harmonies
b) landscapes
c) portraits
d) still lifes

In the Song dynasty, the Chinese economy grew when they printed
a) books
b) maps
c) newspapers
d) paper currency

The Chinese discovered that they could use which substance to heat things and make steel?
a) coal
b) gunpowder
c) oil
d) wood

According to Confucius, what do good governments depend on
a) educated citizens
b) frugal rulers
c) powerful military
d) wise leaders

Many people became Buddhists in China during the A.D. 100s because
a) Buddhism provided a strong, stable government
b) monasteries were peaceful places
c) they feared Confucianism
d) They wanted to seek peace and avoid suffering during a difficult, violent time.

Many Chinese thought Buddhist monks and nuns weakened respect for family life because they were not allowed to
a) eat rice
b) leave their temple
c) live with family
d) marry

Who unified the Mongol clans, built a large army, and created a new legal code
a) Empress Wu
b) Genghis Khan
c) Kublai Khan
d) Marco Polo

Under the Tang dynasty, rulers carried out many
a) building projects
b) military improvements
c) religious reforms
d) trade missions

Which invention helped the Chinese solve the problem of needing more money for trade?
a) gunpowder
b) magnetic compasses
c) printing
d) steel

During the Tang, the development of new kinds of rice and improved irrigation methods led to
a) famine and disease
b) population growth
c) trade restrictions
d) widespread fighting

Empress Wu increased the size of the government and
a) began the Sui dynasty
b) made the military stronger
c) restored civil service examinations
d) widened the Grand Canal

Most Ming Chinese officials welcomed new ideas from foreign countries.
a) True
b) False
c) Don't choose this answer
d) Don't choose this answer

Tang leaders feared how Buddhism would affect China's
a) Army
b) Confucian traditions
c) economy
d) trade missions

The use of coal for heating led to the discovery of steel.
a) True
b) False
c) Don't choose this answer
d) Don't choose this answer

Civil service exams were based on Confucian principles
a) True
b) False
c) Don't choose this answer
d) Don't choose this answer

Officers in Genghis Khan's army were chosen for their
a) abilities
b) family ties
c) learning
d) wealth

The Mongol empire was known as the largest ______ empire the world had ever known.
a) cultural
b) land
c) military
d) trade

What were Chinese sailing ships called?
a) brigs
b) caravels
c) junks
d) schooners

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