Plants 2 Question Preview (ID: 2213)

Growth Patterns.

are very small and lack tissues to carry water, nutrients, and sugar
a) angiosperm
b) gymnosperm
c) nonvascular
d) vascular

vascular plant that produces flowers and has seeds contained in a fruit
a) angiosperm
b) gymnosperm
c) conifer
d) moss

germinate, flower, make seeds, and die within one growing season
a) annual
b) perennial
c) biennial
d) centennial

carries water and nutrients from roots to the leaves
a) nonvascular
b) phloem
c) xylem
d) conifer

flower when there is more than a certain number of daylight hours (usually 14-16 hours)
a) long-day plants
b) short-day plants
c) rainy-day plants
d) leap-day plants

response of plant roots to grow downward and shoots of plants to grow upward
a) phototropsim
b) gravitiropism
c) annualism
d) angiosism

Most plants produce new plants from
a) spores
b) seeds
c) roots
d) vascuals

Sprouting seeds need
a) light
b) warmth
c) microwaves
d) refrigeration

Nonvascular plants often live in _______________ places
a) moist
b) dry
c) frozen
d) urban

Name 3 uses of conifer wood:
a) paper, lumber and plywood
b) pens, paper and chalk
c) paper, paint and peanut butter
d) lumber, drywall, and plywood

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