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How was Italy unified into one country?
a) The northern states and southern states joined together to make one country
b) The Red Shirt fought against the Black shirts and created unification
c) Napoleon III convinced the Pope to allow Rome to be the capital of Italy
d) Cavour and Garibaldi stole land from Austria

Who led unification movements in Italy?
a) Bismark and the Pope
b) Bismark and Napoleon III
c) Cavour and Garibaldi
d) Cavour and Napoleon III

Who led the unfication movement in the German Confederation?
a) Count Cavour
b) Otto von Bismark
c) Guiseppe Garibaldi
d) Napoleon III

How did Bismark achieve unification for Germany?
a) he created wars against other countries and lost
b) he created false states as German speaking lands
c) He killed Wilhelm I to take control
d) He created wars against surrounding areas to gain land.

In what years did revolutions sweep through Europe as a response to the Nationalist Movement?
a) 1800-1847
b) 1821-1830
c) 1848-1849
d) 1800-1815

What are two things that came out of the European Nationalist Movements?
a) absolute monarchies and unification
b) unification and creation of nation-states
c) creation of nation-states and absolute monarchies
d) absolute monarachies and revolutions

What is the first group to gain independence during the Nationalist Movments?
a) Belgium
b) Germany
c) Italy
d) Greece

What was the motto of the European Nationalist Movements?
a) Go, Fight, Win
b) Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
c) Nationalism Rocks
d) Napoleon for King!

What the purpose of the Congress of Vienna?
a) to exile Charles X to the island of Elba
b) to exile Napoleon to the island of St. Helena
c) to reestablish limited governments and give back lands Napoleon had taken
d) reestablish absolute monarchies and give back land Napoleon had taken

What created the a development and spread of Nationalism throughout Europe?
a) Napoleonic Wars
b) Age of Exploration
c) Scientific Revolution
d) Reformation

Why did people that were conquered by Napoleon begin feeling more loyal to their own nations and customs?
a) Napoleon told people that he conquered that they could only celebrate their own culture
b) Napoleon forced French customs on the people he conquered
c) Napoleon forced German customs on the people he conquered
d) Napoleon forced the culture of the country on the citizens

Which of the following did Napoleon's soldiers NOT bring with them when they conquered a country?
a) the Enlightenment ideas
b) ideas to change in government; limited government
c) technology
d) idea of revolution

What was the reason for the independence movements in Latin America?
a) the slaves wanted to have more time working
b) the creoles wanted to move back to Europe
c) social class struggles
d) the social classes wanted to reorganize

What is the foundation (inspiration) of ALL revolutions and independence movements during the 1700 and 1800s?
a) Renassiance
b) the Enlightenment
c) Scientific Revolution
d) the Middle Ages

What was the purpose of the revolution in Haiti?
a) the slaves wanted freedom
b) the creoles wanted independence
c) the mulattos wanted political rights
d) the mestizos wanted more pay

What was the purpose of the Mexican Revolution?
a) the slaves wanted freedom
b) the mestizos wanted independence from Spain
c) the peninsulares wanted political rights
d) the creoles wanted to have higher pay

What was the purpose of the South American Revolutions?
a) the slaves wanted freedom
b) the peninsulares wanted a better education system
c) the mulattos wanted to be part of society
d) the lower classes wanted independence from Spain

Who led the revolution in Haiti?
a) Simon Bolivar
b) Jose Martin
c) Toussaint L'Ouverture
d) Miguel Hidalgo

Who led the independence movement in Mexico?
a) Miguel Hildago
b) Simon Bolivar
c) Jose Martin
d) Toussaint L'Ouverture

Who led the independence movements in South America?
a) L'Ouverture
b) Bolivar and Martin
c) Napoleon
d) Hildago

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