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Why isn't direct democracy used today
a) Democracy is not a popular type of government
b) there are too many people
c) it gives people too much power

What happened during the Industrial Revolution?
a) machines made jobs easier for people
b) people worked in agriculture
c) people did not work

Which country is East of Germany?
a) Norway
b) France
c) Poland

What type of land is Italy?
a) isthmus
b) island
c) peninsula

What kind of economy has paved roads, electricity, and provided services
a) developed
b) underdeveloped
c) developing

What is a peninsula?
a) a land area that is attached to another land area, but is mostly surrounded by water
b) a land that is completely surrounded by water
c) a land that connects to another land

Which country is South of United Kingdom?
a) France
b) Spain
c) Italy

Who took over Europe during World War 2?
a) Fidel Castro
b) Adolf Hitler
c) Joseph Stalin

What is the difference between Constitutional Monarchy and Absolute Monarchy
a) In Absolute Monarchy, the king has absolutely all the power
b) In Constitutional Monarchy, the king has all the power
c) In Constitutional Monarchy, the king has no power

Who had the most power under the Feudal System?
a) the Pope, or Church
b) the peasants
c) the knights

Who had the least power under the Feudal System?
a) the peasants
b) the Pope, or church
c) the king

What is the spreading of culture traits from one country to another country?
a) cultural diffusion
b) cultural diversity
c) nationalism

Where did people work during the Industrial Revolution?
a) factories
b) agriculture
c) forests

What is the economic system that was most common during the Middle Ages?
a) Socialism
b) Free Enterprise
c) Feudalism

Who invented the cotton gin?
a) Eli Whitney
b) Thomas Edison
c) James Watt

Who was allowed to vote in Athens, Greece under Direct Democracy
a) only men
b) men and women
c) men, women, and children

Where did Direct Democracy begin?
a) Athens, Greece
b) United States
c) Paris, France

Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?
a) Athens, Greece
b) United Kingdom, Great Britain, England
c) Paris, France

Which country is at the Southern tip of Europe and includes islands?
a) Norway
b) Greece
c) Italy

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