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What were some of the economic factors (4) that contributed to the South's defeat in the Civil War?
a) -little to no industry in the South -Sherman -Union blockades created shortages -cotton could not be shipped out
b) -a lot of industry in the South - General Lee- blockade runners- many railroads

Name two battles of the Civil War that were fought in GA?
a) -Atlanta -Chickamauga
b) -Gettysburg -Vicksburg
c) -Ft.Sumter -Antietam
d) -Pickett's charge - Bull Run

Where did most of the fighting in GA happen?
a) in Southern GA
b) in North GA
c) from the TAG corner (Dalton) to ATL. to Savannah
d) on the coast

Why did Sherman destroy everything he came in contact with?
a) to force the South rebuild better than before
b) to stop Georgians' support for the war effort and destroy resources of the South
c) To allow the Union to come in and rebuild and control the South
d) To force the South to honor him

What was one of the overall negative effects of the Civil War on GA?
a) It created more industry in the South
b) It kept the slaves in bondage
c) Agriculture and and the tiny amount of industry in GA was destroyed, many Georgians suffered
d) Agriculture in the South exploded

What group of people helped to make the union blockades less successful?
a) river runners
b) cotton runners
c) slave runners
d) blockade runners

Who was General Sherman?
a) A Confederate General who helped win many battles in GA
b) The Union General/commander who burned Atlanta to the ground
c) A Union General who wanted peaceful relations with the south
d) A Confederate blockade runner

Name 2 ways that Sherman impacted GA
a) -Burned Atlanta to the ground -March to the Sea- destroyed everything from ATL to Savannah
b) -helped free slaves - helped the Union by robbing Georgians
c) -helped the Confederate soldiers - treated Georgians with kindness
d) -brought in supplies for the South - built railroads

What is the importance/significance of Gettysburg?
a) it was the bloodiest one day battle
b) it was a battle over railroads in the area
c) it was the turning point of the war
d) it was a Union victory that pushed the army back to Chattanooga

What did the Emancipation Proclamation do?
a) Kept the slaves from being free
b) Freed the slaves in the Confederate states
c) Freed ALL slaves in ALL states
d) Freed slaves only in the North

What kept the Union blockade from being a complete success and stopping ALL imports? (supplies) and exports (cotton)?
a) blockade runners
b) the lack of leadership in the Union Navy
c) the assassination of Lincoln
d) the British navy

What was the importance/significance of the Battle of Antietam?
a) Confederate Gen. Lee was victorious and later attacked the US capital
b) It was a Confederate victory that signaled the end of the war
c) A Union victory in a 3 day battle
d) The Confederate's attempt to take over Washington DC was stopped

How could the Emancipation Proclamation have helped the South?
a) The South could have had more soldiers
b) The South would have won the war
c) The South could have kept their slaves if they gave up after Antietam
d) The South could have prospered from the Anaconda Plan

Why did the South need to keep the ports open?
a) to export cotton and imports supplies
b) to bring in slaves
c) to export industrial supplies
d) to import raw goods

Why was Chickamauga important to the Union and Confederacy?
a) it was a fortified fort
b) it was a major railroad center that connected to Atlanta
c) it was in Indian Territory
d) it was an armory

Where did the bloodiest one day battle of the Civil War take place?
a) Gettysburg
b) Antietam
c) Ft. Sumter
d) Chickamauga

When did most African-Americans become inspired to fight in the Civil War?
a) after the uprising in the north
b) after slaves escaped using the Underground Railroad
c) after the Battle of Gettysburg victory
d) After Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation

What was the purpose of the Union Blockades?
a) to help the Union get supplies
b) to help the South
c) To stop the South's imports and exports by ship
d) to bring in more slaves to the states

What caused the death of so many thousands at Andersonville?
a) prisoners treated well
b) prison was destroyed in battle
c) disease, overcrowding, malnutrition, no fresh water
d) prisoner rebellion

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