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In 1095 A.D., Pope Urban II called for a crusade to
a) defend Italy from German invaders
b) conquer Constantinople
c) protect the Byzantine Empire
d) defend the Holy Land from Muslim invaders

Christian knights captured Jerusalem during which crusade?
a) the 1st
b) the 4th
c) the 3rd
d) the 2nd

Which Treaty in 1122 gave church leaders sole power to elect and invest bishops with spiritual authority?
a) the Treaty of Versailles
b) the Concordat of Worms
c) the Congress of Vienna
d) the Treaty of Lepanto

The ____________ were a series of wars between Christians and muslims over control of the holy land?
a) the Reconquista
b) the Napoleonic Wars
c) the Hundred Years War
d) the Crusades

The appointment and installation of bishops by non-clergy is known as...
a) mercantalism
b) humanism
c) lay investiture
d) natural right

The Christian campaign to drive Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula was known as the
a) Conquistador
b) Reconquista
c) Hundred Years War
d) Crusades

The English King who was forced to sign the Magna Carta was
a) John
b) Louis
c) Charles
d) Philip

King John signed the Magna Carta to
a) gain more power for the English monarch
b) please rebellious nobles who were angry over his abuse of power
c) continue the feudal system in England
d) put an end to England's limited monarchy

The gothic style of architecture is known for
a) its graceful spires and thin windows
b) its thick walls
c) its oil painted walls
d) its grandeur

the everyday language of ordinary people is called the
a) secular
b) boyar
c) vernacular
d) proletariat

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