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Which of the following is not a way rock is eroded?
a) Wind carries rock
b) Water carves rivers into land
c) Glaciers carry rock
d) Acid rain breaks the bonds of rock

Which of the following is not a way that rock is weathered?
a) Tectonic plates shift the minerals in the ground to other places
b) Acid rain breaks the bonds in rock
c) Water freezes in cracks of rocks
d) Rocks are pulled down by gravity

Wind erosion has been known to cause:
a) Rivers to form
b) Dust storms
c) Glaciers to move
d) Tectonic plates to shift

Turgor Pressure
a) Is the pressure that the roots of plants use to break rock
b) Is caused by gravity
c) Happens when ice freezes in rock
d) Happens when wind breaks rock down

a) Are the pressure plants put on rocks
b) Are a way that wind weathers and erodes land
c) Are huge bodies of rock and ice that can weather and erode entire landforms
d) Are caused by movement of the ground

a) Is how shaken and mixed the sediment in the water is
b) Means how much sediment is moved
c) Is when water is polluted
d) Is caused by wind erosion

a) Happens when water runs across land
b) Was massive amounts of land eroded by tectonic plates
c) Happened due to turgor pressure
d) Happens because of glaciers

When wind erodes topsoil
a) It can cause plants to die
b) it can cause massive dust storms
c) it can cause algal blooms
d) all of the above

Holes in rock formations like Arches national park are most likely because...
a) weathering from rivers
b) weathering from the wind
c) weathering from turgor pressure
d) weathering from tecnotic plates

a) Is a kind of water erosion
b) Is a kind of wind erosion
c) Is a kind of glacier erosion
d) Is a kind of earth erosion

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