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When an object moves back and forth quickly it has what type of motion?
a) Vibrational Motion
b) Linear or Straight Motion
c) Projectile Motion
d) Circular Motion

When an object is pushed into the air at an angle it has what type of motion?
a) Linear or Straight Motion
b) Projectile Motion
c) Circular Motion
d) Vibrational Motion

When an object moves in a circle because of centripetal force it has what type of motion?
a) Linear Motion
b) Vibrational Motion
c) Projectile Motion
d) Circular Motion

If an object has centripetal force in what direction does the force ALWAYS act?
a) Toward the center
b) To the right
c) South
d) East and West.

What would happen to an object in a circle if no centripetal force was present?
a) It would keep going in a circle, duh.
b) It would go straight because of inertia.
c) It would fall down.
d) It would go all over the place because there is no pattern!

An object that is used to compare the position or motion of another object is called?
a) Position
b) Motion
c) Acceleration
d) Reference Point

How can you tell if an object is moving when looking at a distance time graph?
a) The line is flat.
b) You can't tell if an object is moving from a distance time graph.
c) There is a slope to the line.
d) The line will make the words moving.

Motion is the...
a) beat of life.
b) where you are initially or where it stopped.
c) the position of the object.
d) act of changing places.

When an object travels in a line (curved or straight) it is this type of motion...
a) Linear or straight
b) Circular
c) Projectile
d) Vibrational

What are the four types of motion?
a) Centripetal, Linear, Straight, Vibrational
b) Circular, Projectile, Centripetal, Inertia
c) Inertia, Centripetal, Gravity, Force
d) Linear, Projectile, Vibrational, Circular

Distance time graphs show
a) time that goes by over a certain distances.
b) why the cow jumped over the moon.
c) distance only.
d) distance gained over time.

How can you tell if an object has come to a stop on a distance time graph?
a) The line is slanting upward.
b) The line is flat.
c) The line is a gentle hill.
d) The line is going downward.

A change in an object's __________, tells you that _______ took place, but it does NOT tell you how quickly the object changed positions.
a) motion, position
b) postion, reference point
c) postions, motion
d) reference point, motion

The position of an object is...
a) the act of changing places.
b) the motion and change of position.
c) an object that is used to compare the position or motion of another object.
d) where it is initially located or stops related to another object.

All of the following are examples of circular force EXCEPT...
a) driving a car in a circle.
b) the bamboozler.
c) planets orbiting the sun.
d) tetherball.

All are examples of vibrational motion EXCEPT...
a) molecules in motion.
b) water drops in a pond making rings.
c) swinging water in a bucket.
d) violin strings being plucked.

Centripetal force is a force that is created because of 2 things. 1 is the force that pulls an object toward the center and the other one is....
a) Bazinga!
b) String
c) Motion
d) The inertia (the objects resistance to change) of the object.

When looking at a distance time graph, what could you assume if the line is steep?
a) The object is slowing down.
b) It is showing acceleration, the object is gaining more distance in less time.
c) The object is not moving.
d) The graph doesn't show us anything. (This is not the correct answer!)

All of the following are example of linear or straight line motion EXCEPT...
a) A bowling ball being rolled on the ground.
b) A soccer ball being kicked into the GOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!!
c) A skier coming down the mountain.
d) A car driving on the highway.

All of the following are examples of projectile motion EXCEPT...
a) Fireworks being set off.
b) Rocket blasting off.
c) Football being thrown for a touchdown.
d) A pool cue hitting a pool ball into another pool ball.

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