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a) about
b) since
c) above
d) through

a) to stand up
b) to be silent
c) to drag
d) to maintain

a) someone
b) ordinary
c) something
d) unusual

a) to vanish
b) to eat
c) to shuffle
d) to fly

les coulisses
a) the aisles
b) the children
c) the wings of a theater
d) ankles

à tout hasard
a) just in case
b) even though
c) suspicious
d) sadly

a) above
b) below
c) around
d) in front of

une patte
a) an extra task
b) a paw
c) a finger
d) a wing

se taire
a) to be quiet
b) to quit
c) to be tired
d) to fall

le large
a) the pants
b) the mind
c) the width
d) the height

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