Personality 2 Question Preview (ID: 2210)


Who developed the hierarchy of needs?
a) Maslow
b) Rogers
c) Adler
d) Skinner

According to the _____________ approach humans are born good and trying to reach their full potential.
a) humanistic
b) behavorial
c) biological
d) social

Eating with your hands is an example of
a) a social norm
b) culture
c) starvation
d) a good way to get food in one's mouth

Psychology is the study of feelings, thoughts, and _____________.
a) behaviors
b) actions
c) the mind
d) reactions

All of the following are labeled deviances except
a) raising your hand before asking a question in class
b) spitting on someone who makes you angry
c) chasing down a ref after a game and cursing into the video camera
d) hitting a teacher

Who is the best soccer player ever?
a) Cesc Fabregas
b) Torres
c) Messi
d) Park Jisung

According to the behaviorist view personality is developed through
a) conditions in the environment
b) born with personality, it doesnt develop
c) people's influence on you
d) childhood experiences

Not being able to recall a traumatic event is an example of
a) repression
b) denial
c) sublimation
d) reaction formation

Jennifer likes her office kept a certain way. She is always on time and sometimes early to appointments. She organizes timelines for even the smallest projects. What personality disorder does she have?
a) OCD
b) antisocial
c) narcississtic
d) Type A personality

Personality tests are accurate assessments of one's personality
a) True
b) False

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