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Review Questions From The Virginia Science Grade 6 Glencoe Text. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What happened to Mercury that caused the formation of large cliffs as seen in the diagram below?
a) It expanded
b) It become warmer
c) It shrank
d) It melted

Which is the fifth planet from the Sun?
a) Pluto
b) Mercury
c) Venus
d) Jupiter

Where is the asteroid belt found?
a) between Earth and Mars
b) between Uranus and Neptune
c) between Mercury and Venus
d) between Mars and Jupiter

Which scientist discovered the shape of the planets' orbits?
a) Galileo Galilei
b) Albert Einstein
c) Johannes Kepler
d) Nicholas Copernicus

What is a good estimate of the distance from the top of Mars's mantle to the bottom?
a) 12,583 km
b) 23,122 km
c) 1,348 km
d) 6,794 km

When a shooting star appears in the sky, it actually is which of the following?
a) asteroid
b) comet
c) meteorite
d) meteor

One of the main differences between the outer and inner planets is __________.
a) the inner planets are all terrestrial (mostly rock)
b) the inner planets are much bigger than the outer planets
c) the outer planets are gas planets except Neptune
d) the outer planets have rings, and the inner planets don't

What do scientists think is the cause of Uranus's tilted orbit?
a) It's a result of its distance from the Sun.
b) The temperatures out in space caused the planet to tilt.
c) It collided with another object in space.
d) It was created that way.

The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is __________.
a) an ocean of liquid hydrogen
b) a mountain range
c) a tremendous storm
d) a volcano

What is the difference between meteors and comets?
a) Comets are made of frozen ice and rock and meteors are made of rock.
b) Most comets are found outside the solar system, and meteors are found within.
c) Meteors can burn up as they enter a planet's atmosphere and comets rarely enter a planet's atmosphere.
d) all of the above

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