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What does ensuing mean?
a) Unhealthy
b) Result of something
c) The cause of something
d) Not friendly

What does tacit mean?
a) Your skill level
b) Group of people
c) Not plained idea
d) Strategy

How did Jem say he lost his pants?
a) Strip poker
b) A dog bit them off
c) He just did not want to wear them
d) They were stole

What was Miss Maudie so protective over?
a) Her hair
b) Her flowers
c) Her chair
d) Her house

What does morbid mean?
a) Being unhappy
b) Being happy
c) Being Angry
d) Being bullied

What does benign mean?
a) Roughly
b) Carlessly
c) Gently
d) Quickly

What does Aloof mean?
a) Happy
b) Not Friendly
c) Friendly
d) Ugly

What does the kids wait on Mr.Avery to do every knight?
a) Cry
b) Sleep
c) Cough
d) Sneeze

Why was scout so worried about Jem when he went to get his pants?
a) He may get caught
b) He may not know his way
c) He may have a heart attack
d) He may not find them

What is scouts nickname made by Jem?
a) Ugly
b) Lover girl
c) Little three eyes
d) Boo

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