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The basis of the psychoanalytic approach is
a) inner conflicts and childhood experiences affect our personalities
b) id, ego, superego
c) Freud is the best
d) dreams are our unconscious mind revealing itself

What are the three levels of awareness?
a) conscious, preconscious, unconscious
b) id, ego, superego
c) conscious, unconscious, subconscious
d) conscious, preconscious, subconscious

What are the three structures of personality according to Freud?
a) id, ego, superego
b) happy, sad, angry
c) ad, lego, superlego
d) ib, ego, superego

Comparing one's self to those around them can result in ________ according to Adler.
a) an inferiority complex
b) depression
c) high self esteem
d) low self esteem

According to _______________, people move towards someone, against someone or away from someone.
a) Horney
b) Jung
c) Freud
d) Adler

All of the following psychologists are associated with the psychoanalytic approach except
a) Skinner
b) Horney
c) Adler
d) Freud

A biological characteristic is a
a) trait
b) humor
c) sarcasm
d) personality

If Miss Patchin yells at Alex & HanJun for speaking Korean in class because she is angry that the internet shut down twice as she made this quiz, that is an example of
a) displacement
b) regression
c) repression
d) sublimation

When Grace is angry she covers her ears and ignores the person making her angry, this is an example of
a) regression
b) repression
c) stupidity
d) displacement

Which psychologist is associated with the behavioral approach?
a) Watson
b) Freud
c) Bandura
d) Erikson

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