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What is the most common economic system?
a) Traditonal
b) Mixed
c) Democracy
d) Command

What is the gov. led economic System?
a) Traditional
b) Command
c) Mixed
d) Free Market

What is a tariff?
a) a block on trade
b) when a country is really good at making one product
c) a tax on traded goods
d) a governmental plan fro economics

What is specialization?
a) When a country taxes their imports
b) Countries take advantage of selling or making something They are good at.
c) When a country makes 25 products and taxes only the large ones
d) Countries taking advantage of smaller weaker countries

An example of an Autocratic Gov. is
a) A dictatorship
b) a prime minister
c) a president
d) a oligarchy

A Absolute Monarchy
a) rules but the parliament has all control
b) has all power
c) the president rules, monarch is just a figurehead
d) some one who is voted in, then rules for life

Saudi Arabia has this kind of Gov.
a) Democracy
b) Monarchy
c) Dictatorship
d) Theocracy

What is a Petrochemical?
a) A chemical that is used on pets
b) chemical used in wars
c) product made with a heavy tax
d) product made from natural gas or oil

What is a democracy?
a) A country that is run by a small group of rich people
b) Citizens have very little say
c) King has all power
d) Citizens run the gov. (by voting)

what is Desalination?
a) process of removing salt from sea water to make the water usable
b) process of putting salt in food for exporting use
c) process of desalting roads when it snows
d) taking the salt out of meat

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