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The fact that cougar kittens stay with their mother for about eighteen months supports the idea that —
a) young cougars learn to pounce on prey to catch it
b) cougar kittens depend on their mothers for food
c) kittens grow teeth after about two months
d) mother cougars groom their kittens like other cats

Which detail does not support the main idea that cougars have three kinds of teeth?
a) Cougars gulp their food without using their teeth for chewing much.
b) Cougars have carnassial teeth on their top and bottom jaws.
c) Cougars use canine teeth to puncture prey.
d) Cougars use teeth called incisors to cut and chew food.

Cougars groom themselves and their kittens —
a) to clean their coats
b) when they feel threatened
c) before they hunt their prey
d) so predators can smell the cougars

Which detail supports the fact that cougars make a variety of sounds?
a) Cougars hiss and growl when they are threatened.
b) Cougars protect their territory from intruders.
c) Cougars have strong jaws and three kinds of teeth.
d) Cougars have a sharp sense of hearing.

Which of the sentences below states a main idea?
a) The cougar uses whiskers to gather information through touch.
b) Like all of their cat relatives, cougars have whiskers.
c) They grow on either side of the animal’s nose and mouth, above the eyes, and sometimes on the chin.
d) These sensitive hairs are also called vibrissae (vy BRIHS ee).

Which detail supports the main idea that cougars have good eyesight?
a) They have a tawny, or orange-brown, coat.
b) They blend in with their surroundings.
c) They can see moving prey from long distances.
d) They have a sharp sense of hearing.

Scientists are unable to tell individual cougars apart because cougars —
a) are rarely seen by people
b) live together in huge groups
c) vary greatly in color
d) have such good camouflage

Cougars have very little fat on their bodies and stay warm because they —
a) have fur coats
b) live in warm climates
c) are medium-sized cats
d) have no sweat glands and pant to release heat

Describing cougars’ coats and coloring supports the main idea that —
a) all cougars look similar
b) adult cougars look like female lions
c) cougars have coats of different colors
d) their fur helps keep cougars safe from predators

Total happiness
a) unobserved
b) keen
c) mature
d) contentment

What is the main topic of the selection?
a) Facts about cougars
b) Where most cougars live
c) The cougar’s hunting skills
d) How cougars raise their young

Hidden or unnoticed
a) ferocious
b) unobserved
c) vary
d) particular

Very aggressive and scary (Ms. Harris when she is mad!)
a) ferocious
b) contentment
c) keen
d) mature

To grow and develop over time
a) mature
b) resemble
c) vary
d) unobserved

To change something
a) resemble
b) unobserved
c) ferocious
d) vary

To be or to look similar to something or someone
a) resemble
b) vary
c) unobserved
d) ferocious

Ready to be used or taken
a) available
b) particular
c) keen
d) detecting

Specific or special
a) keen
b) particular
c) detecting
d) mature

Sharp and alert
a) mature
b) vary
c) keen
d) detecting

Working to discover something
a) resemble
b) detecting
c) mature
d) vary

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