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When making appearances at special events, a well-known rock star asks that the event organizer to pay for the air travel, lodging, and meals for his/her band and back-up singers. These requirements are examples of
a) rider terms.
b) financial requisitions.
c) organization charters.
d) non-negotiable conditions

Author Randall McPeak's new thriller, Race to the End of Time, was recently released. McPeak's publisher arranged for him to do book signings and readings at several bookstores across the country. The author's appearances help the bookstore
a) their sales will likely increase.
b) most of their customers are fans of McPeak's books.
c) McPeak supports literacy initiatives
d) online book sales will begin to stabilize.

Which of the following is an example of a business using a celebrity's appearance to attract customers to an event:
a) An actor stars in the lead role of a film that is based on a best-selling novel.
b) A professional athlete announces her/his plans to retire within six months.
c) An athletic-shoe company distributes a press release about a new endorsement deal.
d) A rock star signs copies of his/her latest CD at a store's grand opening.

A charity organization is holding a fundraising event in New York. The event will include a dinner prepared by the chef of a five-star restaurant and an upscale style show. To generate interest, the event organizers plan to have a celebrity serve as
a) Sophia Sanchez, a Venezuelan talk-show host
b) Bella Marie, a well-known international fashion model
c) Richard Roberts, a Canadian theater critic
d) Karl Kamden, a Chicago-based restaurant owner

After event organizers released information to the press that a well-known country singer will perform at an upcoming fundraiser, ticket sales for the event increased dramatically. This situation exemplifies how a celebrity appearance can
a) create a sense of community.
b) improve an event's television ratings
c) provide performers with supplemental income.
d) stimulate interest in an event

A primary reason that sport/event marketers sell advertising space in their programs is to
a) generate revenue.
b) increase fan loyalty.
c) offer financial support
d) attract new markets

To increase revenue, professional baseball and football teams often sell advertising that appears
a) on national television.
b) in local magazines.
c) on the back of tickets
d) in community newspapers.

Camille is developing a rate card for advertising space in her school's yearbook. Which of the following layouts is the most expensive for advertisers to purchase?
a) 1/16 page two-color
b) 1/2 page black and white
c) 1/4 page black and white
d) 1/2 page four-color

To sell advertising space in an event program, the first thing Kyle should do is
a) design the front cover of the program to show prospects.
b) call all businesses to determine their interest.
c) develop a list of local businesses to contact.
d) obtain printing supplies for the program

When selling advertising space in sport/event programs, it is important for marketers to give their customers the
a) mailing costs.
b) research fees
c) news deadlines.
d) advertisement specifications.

Rachel is selling program advertisements for a marching band competition that her high school is hosting. Which of the following sales prospects is most likely to purchase ad space in the program?
a) Local music shop
b) National piano manufacturer
c) International symphony conductor
d) State/Provincial museum director

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