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Why did the Ottoman Empire end?
a) They combined their empire with another empire
b) Their King was killed
c) They were on the losing side of WWI
d) It never ended

Who decided to split up Palestine ?
a) Great Britian
b) United Nations
c) Spain
d) United States

What U.S. President made Egypt and Israel sign a peace treaty?
a) Regan
b) Carter
c) Bush
d) Clinton

How did the Holocaust have an effect on Israel?
a) When the Holocaust ended and The Jews won the land
b) Israel is where the Holocaust took place
c) U.N. felt that the Jews “deserved” a land after the hardships of the Holocaust. They were given Israel
d) Great Britain gave the Jews the land of Israel after Holocaust

Why did Saddam Hussein invade Kuwait?
a) He was jealous of their leader
b) He disagreed with their beliefs
c) He wanted their oil
d) Hussein thought that Kuwait was planning on taking over his land

Who won the Six Days War?
a) Iraq
b) Egypt
c) Israel
d) Iran

Operation Iraqi Freedom was fought between who?
a) Iraq vs U.S.
b) Iraq vs Iran
c) Iraq vs Kuwait
d) Egypt vs Iraq

What is OPEC?
a) Other Plans to Exporting Countries
b) Organization of Petroleum Expensive control
c) Oil and Petroleum Exporting Countries
d) Organization of petroleum exporting countries

Name the types of Government for Israel
a) Monarchy
b) Theocracy
c) Parliamentary Democracy
d) Oligarchy

What is the difference between Israel and Palestine?
a) Jews call it Palestine, Muslim call it Israel
b) Israel is smaller
c) Jews call it Israel, Muslim call it Palestine
d) Palestine is in Europe, Israel is Asia

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