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What is Monotheism?
a) believe in 1 God
b) believe in more than 1 God
c) A holy book in the Islam Faith
d) a holy land for the Jews

Name the holy book for the Muslim
a) Bible
b) Torah
c) Quaran
d) Tenakah

What religion began first in the Middle East?
a) Christianity
b) Islam
c) Judaism
d) Sunni

Name the holy city that all three religions share
a) Bethlehem
b) Mecca
c) Medina
d) Jerusalem

Name the two major sects of the Islam religions.
a) Sunni and Shia
b) Sunni and Roman Catholic
c) Shia and Torah
d) Orthodox and Sunni

What is a Pilgrimage ?
a) religious book
b) religious trip to a sacred place
c) a Holy leader of Muslim faith
d) something that everyone in Judaism does

what is Zionism?
a) Holy city for jews
b) A law that said Jews must move to Israel
c) Holy book for Muslims
d) movement that stated all Jews should move back to Israel

What is Anti- Semitism?
a) prejudice against Sunnis
b) Holy book of Jews
c) prejudice against Jews
d) a name of a holy city

What is Polytheism?
a) Belief in 1 god
b) belief in more than 1 God
c) Islam's holy book
d) The belief Sunnis have

Who is the most important person on the Islam Faith?
a) Moses
b) Suliman
c) Jesus
d) Muhammad

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