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How was France divided prior to the French Revolution?
a) A system of 3 estates with unfair privileges and burdens
b) A caste system with 4 different classes
c) A series of 8 steps of enlightenment
d) 2 socials classes: the haves and the have-nots

Who was in the 1st Estate?
a) Nobles
b) Clergy
c) Bourgeouisie
d) Peasants

Which estate was the only estate that paid taxes?
a) All estates paid taxes
b) 1st Estate
c) 2nd Estate
d) 3rd Estate

What did the 3rd Estate call themselves after creating their own legislative body separate from the Estates-General
a) National Convention
b) National Assembly
c) Parliament
d) Congress

What did the Tennis Court Oath promise to do?
a) Create a democracy
b) Create a declaration of independence
c) Create a constitution
d) Go to war with England

Why was the storming of the Bastille important?
a) It symbolized the beginning of the Revoluion and the fall of the King's power
b) It symbolized the end of the Revolution
c) It showed the strength of Napoleon Bonaparte
d) It symbolized the king's growing power at the expense of the nobility and clergy

Why did a mob of peasant women demand Louis XVI return to Paris?
a) They believed Louis and Marie Antoinette were hoarding grain.
b) They believed Marie Antoinette was leading an Austrian army
c) They wanted to prevent anymore of Marie Antoinette's extravagent hairstyles
d) They believed the king shoud rule from his capital city

What symbolized the Reign of Terror?
a) Gallows
b) Guilotine
c) Carriage
d) Crown

What radical group controlled the National Convention during the radical phase of the Revolution?
a) Jacobins
b) Girondists
c) Monarchists
d) Austrians

Who was the king of France at the beginning of the French Revolution?
a) Louis XVIII
b) Henry III
c) Louis XIV
d) Louis XVI

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