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What is the primary way the amoeba is different from the sunflower?
a) The amoeba is made of one cell.
b) The amoeba has limited respiration.
c) The amoeba can produce its own food.
d) The amoeba has organs that work together to form systems.

What does an amoeba and a human have in common?
a) A heart
b) A spine
c) Lungs
d) Cell

A paramecium is an example of
a) a single-celled organism
b) multiple organisms
c) an inorganic substance
d) a group of cells

A colony of volvox acts like one single organism with an anterior and posterior end. In one of the regions, the eyespots are more developed. This helps the colony swim towards a light source. How is the volvox similar to a multicellular organism?
a) The cells provide structural support to the whole colony.
b) The thousands of cells making up the colony have identical characteristics.
c) The individual groups of cells within the colony perform different functions.
d) The cells in the colony are all capable of photosynthesis and can make food.

Which of these is an organism that is unicellular
a) Virus
b) amoeba
c) mushroom
d) ant

How do the cells that are in your heart differ from a Euglena?
a) They take oxygen from their environment.
b) They depend on other cells in the body.
c) They control cell functions from a nucleus.
d) They can change shape in order to move.

Which of the following structures does a Euglena use to move?
a) Cilia
b) flagella
c) pseudopods
d) nucleolus

Which of the following structures does a Paramecium use to move?
a) Cilia
b) flagella
c) pseudopods
d) nucleolus

Which of the following structures does an amoeba use to move?
a) Cilia
b) flagella
c) pseudopods
d) nucleolus

What is the difference between an autotroph and a heterotroph?
a) Autotroph cannot make their own food and a heterotroph can.
b) Autotroph can make their own food and heterotroph can't.
c) Autotrophs and heterotrophs both absorb nutrients from their environments.
d) Autotrophs and heterotrophs are both hunting organism that consume other organisms and abosorb their nutrients.

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