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Roger Williams was motivated to establish Rhode Island as a colony because he wanted to-
a) expand slavery into new territory
b) guarantee political rights for women
c) end state interference in church affairs
d) provide a safe haven for persecuted Catholics

How did the practice of slavery influence colonial life in the South prior to and after the American Revolution?
a) African-American owned businesses contributed to colonial wealth
b) An agrarian economy developed based on the plantation system
c) Textile industries relocated to the South where slavery provided free labor
d) The Southern colonial economy grew wealthy from trading enslaved people

Why were French explorers interested in claiming the Mississippi River and having access to the Great Lakes?
a) They believed that gold was located there
b) They were mainly fur trappers and traders
c) They found no eastern coast land available
d) They were farmers who wanted the rich lands

How did physical geography influence the settlement patterns that emerged in the American colonies?
a) The Southern colonies had too many forests
b) The New England colonies had the most water resources
c) The Chesapeake Bat attracted farmer because of the fertile soil
d) The Appalachian Mountains acted as a barrier to western settlement

Which year did the Pilgrims arrive in America and sign the Mayflower Compact?
a) 1620
b) 1776
c) 1592
d) 2014

Which of the following was a chief economic cause for colonization in the Americas?
a) Slavery
b) Mercantilism
c) Industrialization
d) Plantation system

Which of the following was a motivation for British colonization of North America?
a) Escape famine
b) Exploit Indian labor
c) Seek religious freedom
d) Develop vast plantations

Early colonial Maryland was predominantly home to Catholics, while colonial Pennsylvania was home to-
a) Anglicans
b) Quakers
c) Puritans
d) Mormons

Which of the following conditions contributed to the development of representative government in the American colonies?
a) French merchants desired to control the fur trade in Canada
b) British colonists were accustomed to parliamentary system
c) Many of the colonial charters were written by early revolutionary leaders
d) American Indian tribes shared successful agriculture products with colonists

Religious leaders contributed to the growth of representative government s in the 13 colonies by-
a) establishing self-governing bodies in the colonies
b) writing constitutions for the colonies in New England
c) advocating for political rights for both men and women
d) requiring religious training before allowing citizens to vote

What was the primary cause of economic differences among the colonies in North America?
a) religion
b) nationality
c) geography
d) tradition

Which of the following explains the colonization and rapid development of North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, New York, and Massachusetts Bay colonies?
a) They were located on the coast.
b) They were all developed for religious reasons.
c) They were all located in New England.
d) They were all established by Englishmen.

Which of the following is a true statement about the transatlantic slave trade?
a) It began when cotton became a cash crop in the United States.
b) It began when plantations in the West Indies needed labor.
c) It began because few people worked on Southern plantations.
d) It preceded indentured servants on Southern plantations.

Why was slavery so important to the Southern colonies in the colonial era?
a) Slaves gave Southern colonies the population numbers to have control of Congress.
b) Slavery provided labor for the developing textile industries in the Southern colonies.
c) The economy was based on agriculture, and slaves kept the plantation system profitable.
d) The Southern colonial economy became wealthy from slavetrading with Africa.

Which of the following is a characteristic of the Virginia House of Burgesses that contributed to the growth of representative government?
a) Members were chosen by the governor.
b) Representatives were elected by the people.
c) The governor had no power in its decisions.
d) It had 435 members.

Why is the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut important to the development of democracy in the English colonies?
a) It set the precedent for the idea of judicial review for laws from Congress.
b) It established the first legislature in the colonies, the House of Burgesses.
c) It was a social contract requiring settlers to sign a loyalty oath to Britain.
d) It was a written constitution and is considered the first in the colonies.

Many Puritans settled within which of the British colonies in North America?
a) Middle colonies
b) New England colonies
c) Southern colonies
d) Western territories

All of the following were reasons that representative government developed in the colonies EXCEPT—
a) familiarity with Parliamentary system
b) temporary step until monarchy could be established
c) long distance from British system
d) isolation of the communities

Which of the following colonial regions had the best soil and climate for largescale agriculture?
a) West Indian colonies
b) New England colonies
c) Middle colonies
d) Southern colonies

Which of the following events occurred in 1607?
a) founding of Roanoke colony
b) founding of Jamestown
c) founding of Rhode Island
d) founding of Pennsylvania

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