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Which of the following structures is part of the human respiratory system?
a) Aorta
b) Pancreas
c) Nose
d) None of the above

Touch receptors are part of what body system?
a) Immune
b) Endocrine
c) Musculoskeletal
d) Nervous

Which of the following are wastes produced by your body?
a) Carbon dioxide
b) Urine
c) Feces
d) All of the above

Which of the following best describes how the human body is organized, from the largest to the smallest structure?
a) Organs, organ system, tissues, cells
b) Organ systems, organs, tissues, cells
c) Organ systems, tissues, organs, cells
d) Cells, tissues, organs, organ systems

For food to be absorbed by your body, which of the following must occur?
a) Mechanical breakdown
b) Chemical breakdown
c) Both chemical and mechanical breakdown
d) None of the above

Blood transport
a) Oxygen
b) Carbon dioxide
c) Nutrients
d) All of the above

A good model of the human heart might show the heart as a:
a) Balloon
b) Hose
c) Pump
d) Valve

Blood leaving the human heart may go to:
a) Arteries in the heart
b) The lungs
c) Other parts of the body
d) All of the above

Although chemical digestion occurs throughout the digestive system, it mostly occurs in the:
a) Esophagus and stomach
b) Liver and gall bladder
c) Liver and pancreas
d) Stomach and intestines

You are walking down the street when you decide to run. After running for a few minutes, your pulse is likely to have:
a) Increased
b) Decreased
c) Stayed the same
d) First decreased, then increased

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