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Answer The Following Questions To Study For Your Unit Test.

Waste may be produces when
a) A product is made
b) A product is thrown away
c) A product is used
d) All of the above

When choosing a material to make a product, such as a soft drink container, an important factor to consider is
a) How much it costs to produce
b) The environmental impact of the manufacturing process
c) How easy it is to recycle after the container is used
d) All of the above

A consumer wants to do his or her part to reduce the production of waste. Which action would be most effective?
a) Buy products that cannot be recycled
b) Purchase fewer products
c) Buy from companies that use only new raw materials
d) All of the above

Why is ammonia used to test for copper in a solution? Choose the best answer.
a) Different people see color differently
b) The ammonia test can detract smaller amounts of copper than the human eye can detect
c) The odor of ammonia is easily detected by most people
d) All chemical tests are superior to relying on information provided by the senses

Which of the following is a noble gas? Use the Periodic Table of Elements to find the answer.
a) Hydrogen
b) Carbon Dioxide
c) Argon
d) Oxygen

A student pours two different solution into a glass beaker. Which of the following would indicate that a chemical reaction took place between the two solutions?
a) A change in color of a solution
b) The formation of a precipitate
c) A change in temperature
d) All of the above

While working on an activity to investigate chemical reactions, a student mixes two clear liquids in a beaker. When the two liquids mix, the result sis a clear liquid and an orange solid precipitate. Which best describes the reaction?
a) The initial two clear liquids
b) The resulting clear liquid and the beaker
c) The orange solid precipitate
d) All of the above

Which of the following statements about dilution as an approach to handling toxic waste is TRUE?
a) Dilution removes the toxic materials in liquid wastes
b) Diluting a liquid until it is clear and colorless means that the liquid is safe for disposal in local sewers
c) Dilution loses the concentration of toxic materials in liquid wastes
d) All of the above

The life cycle of a product refers to
a) The amount of time the product is expected to last
b) The stages from when the product is made until is is disposed of
c) The guarantee that the manufacturer provides
d) How the product is used in its life

Which of the following is a list of physical properties?
a) Density, conductivity, reaction with acid
b) Flexibility, reaction with hydrochloric acid, color
c) Temperature change when a chemical is added, texture, density
d) Electrical conductivity, hardness, ability to transmit light

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