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Maria adds text to a bulleted list on slide 5 of her presentation. On the text that she adds, she does not want a bullet. Using commands on the Home tab, how does she remove the bullet that automatically appears?
a) Numbering
b) Bullets
c) Decrease List Level
d) Increase List Level

Which command is used to change the orientation of text in a text box to vertical, stacked, or rotated?
a) Justify
b) Center
c) Text direction
d) Text align

Andy is creating a presentation about seatbelts. He finds himself using the word save repeatedly in his presentation. What feature could he use to find a synonym for this word?
a) Spelling
b) Thesaurus
c) Research
d) Translate

Which text alignment command aligns text with both the left and right margins of a slide and adds space between words as needed?
a) Left
b) Right
c) Center
d) Justify

Pam is using the outline view in PowerPoint. She would like to lower selected text from level 1 to level 2. Which command should she use?
a) Collapse
b) Collapse All
c) Demote
d) Move Down

What feature automatically revises typing errors based upon information contained in Microsoft Office 2010's standard dictionary?
a) Autofix
b) AutoCorrect
c) AutoSpell
d) AutoText

What type of list has an entry proceeded by a symbol?
a) Numbered list
b) Bulleted list
c) Symbol list
d) Alphabetized list

Keisha's does not want the text on slide 3 to run out of the textbox and she wants the textbox to remain the same size. How can she prevent this?
a) Change text alignment
b) Resize the textbox
c) Do not autofit
d) Shrink text on overflow

Gregory is making a presentation to encourage fellow students to join the prom committee. Which of the following would include options for accomplishing this?
a) Font
b) Font Effects
c) Font Size
d) Font Style

Mason has set up 5 slides in his new presentation and is ready to enter some text. He decides to put his text in a box with a dotted outline, designed for the placement of content on the slide. What is this referred to?
a) Layout
b) Notes Pane
c) Outline
d) Placeholder

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