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Plate Tectonics/Earthquakes/Volcanoes Review Game. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is the center of an earthquake on the Earth's surface?
a) epicenter
b) focus
c) quakecenter
d) seismogram

The _______________ is the outermost layer of the Earth where the tectonic plates are? It is made up of the crust and the upper part of the mantle.
a) asthenosphere
b) lithosphere
c) mesosphere
d) outer core

Rock fragments created by explosive volcanic eruptions are called
a) composites
b) tectonic material
c) pyroclastic material
d) strata

What is a break in the Earth’s crust along which blocks of the crust slide?
a) seismos
b) stress
c) fold
d) fault

What is the theory, created by Wegener, that continents can drift apart from one another?
a) Continental Drift
b) Plate Tectonics
c) Geology
d) Drifting Tectonics

A shield volcano is
a) built out of layers of lava from repeated nonexplosive eruptions.
b) made entirely of pyroclastic material from moderately explosive eruptions.
c) made by explosive eruptions of pyroclastic material followed by quieter outpourings of lava.
d) steep and has a narrow base.

What type of boudary is created when two tectonic plates push together or collide?
a) divergent
b) convergent
c) transform
d) normal

What type of fault is created from divergent motions, is usually weak, and has a shallow focus?
a) strike slip
b) reverse
c) normal
d) transform

A crater is
a) when two tectonic plates move away from one another.
b) rock fragments created by explosive volcanic eruptions.
c) a large circular depression formed when a magma chamber, that supplies material to a volcano, empties and its roof collapses.
d) a funnel shaped pit at the top of a vent of a volcano.

These seismic waves move side to side, occur second, and cannot travel through liquids.
a) S-waves (shear or secondary)
b) P-waves (pressure or primary)
c) Surface waves
d) Tidal waves

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