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Kinetic energy depends upon what two things?
a) mass and speed
b) volume and mass
c) weight and size
d) height and mass

Gravitational potential energy is dependent upon what?
a) height and weight
b) mass and volume
c) height and volume
d) mass and speed

Which of the following demonstrates potential energy?
a) a parked car
b) a girl riding a bicycle
c) a barking dog
d) an airplane taking off

What is the gravitational potential energy for an object that weighs 5N and is at a height of 15 m off the ground?
a) 10 J
b) 20 J
c) 75 J
d) 155 J

What is the kinetic energy of a mouse that has a mass of 4 kg and runs at a speed of 9 m/sec?
a) 13 J
b) 18 J
c) 36 J
d) 162 J

The total energy of motion and position of an object is known as what?
a) thermal energy
b) kinetic energy
c) potential energy
d) mechanical energy

The Law of Conservation of Energy states
a) Energy can only be created by the sun.
b) Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
c) Energy only exists in two forms.
d) Energy is found only on the planet Earth.

In a swinging pendulum, where is the maximum potential energy?
a) The bottom of its swing
b) The greatest height of the swing on either side
c) Midway between the maximum height and the bottom of the swing
d) Any place on the pendulum's swing

An object that is not moving has what kind of energy?
a) kinetic
b) nuclear
c) potential
d) mechanical

What force can decrease kinetic energy?
a) friction
b) lubrication
c) sound
d) electricity

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