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One way to tell rocks apart is by looking at the sixe of the bits of minerals that make up each rock. What is this physical property called?
a) Color
b) Texture
c) Luster
d) Heaviness

How is metamorphic rock formed?
a) Pressure over time binds sediments into rock.
b) Heat and/or pressure change the minerals in a rock.
c) A hot mixture of gases and minerals cools into rock.
d) Water slowly wears down minerals, turning them into rock.

What rock forms in layers one layer at a time?
a) Sedimentary Rock
b) Metamorphic Rock
c) Igneous Rock
d) Slate

What type of particles found in soil are the smallest?
a) Sand
b) Silt
c) Clay
d) Shale

What layer of soil includes rock particles mixed with the dark products of decay?
a) Silt
b) Clay
c) subsoil
d) topsoil

What mineral is crushed and ground into salt that is used to season food?
a) halite
b) quartz
c) flourite
d) graphite

Which two properties would be best to use to identify a mineral?
a) Color and luster
b) Shape and luster
c) size and magnetism
d) Hardness and streak

Where do the nutrients in the soil mainly come from?
a) Rainfall
b) Running Water
c) Living Plants and Animals
d) Decay of plants and Animals

What is rock called that is formed from bits of rocky matter that has settled to the bottom of rivers, lakes, and streams?
a) Sedimentary Rock
b) Shale
c) Igneous Rock
d) Metamorphic Rcok

Why is the mixture of soil, called loam, good for growing plants?
a) It holds onto water loosely enough for plant roots to soak it up.
b) It brings rivers to the plants
c) The clay helps the plants grow
d) There are no nurtrients found in Loam which helps the plants grow

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