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Which of the following is NOT rule by one
a) dictatorship
b) democracy
c) autocracy
d) totalitarian

In which present day country did the Aztecs live?
a) Mexico
b) United States
c) Canada
d) Brazil

Which of the following is NOT a factor of production
a) land
b) labor
c) water
d) capital

What is the type of government where leaders are elected to limited power?
a) monarchy
b) oligarchy
c) dictatatorship
d) democracy

Who makes the decisions in a communist system?
a) shoppers
b) business owners
c) central government
d) preachers

What is a tangible object you can touch and feel?
a) good
b) service

Which of the following is a tertiary level job?
a) logger
b) construction worker
c) teacher
d) computer programmer

A country expanding it's rule outside it's borders is practicing what?
a) imperialism
b) socialism
c) communism
d) fosterism

What is the type of economy where supply and demand determines what is bought and sold?
a) traditional
b) market
c) communism
d) frat

Who colonized Brazil?
a) United States
b) Portugal
c) Spain
d) France

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