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Introduction To The 6 Types Of Energy.

Which two types of energy are most closely associated with solar energy?
a) heat and light
b) nuclear and sound
c) chemical and electrical
d) light and sound

Which of the following is NOT considered a mechanical energy?
a) sound
b) wind
c) water
d) nuclear

How is energy defined?
a) The amount of power in something
b) The ability to do work
c) Making something turn on
d) Strength of a power source

What is the unit of measurement for energy?
a) watt
b) joule
c) decibel
d) ohm

Energy stored in the nucleus of an atom is known as
a) solar energy
b) electrical energy
c) nuclear energy
d) chemical energy

Vibrating objects describe what type of energy?
a) Electrical
b) Sound
c) Thermal
d) Chemical

What type of energy is found in every example of kinetic energy?
a) heat
b) sound
c) light
d) chemical

Consuming a hotdog involves which types of energy?
a) chemical and light
b) mechanical and chemical
c) heat and electrical
d) nuclear and heat

How are sound energy and light energy similar?
a) Both have vibrations
b) Both are invisible
c) Both are only available during the daylight hours
d) Both are loud

Which part of the atom is directly involved in electrical energy?
a) protons
b) neutrons
c) electrons
d) quarks

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