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What religion did Sumerians practice?
a) Catholicism
b) Judaism
c) Monotheism
d) Polytheism

If you have more food than you need, you have a _____ of food.
a) silt
b) surplus
c) canal
d) division

Social Hierarchy is described as ...
a) division of society by rank or class
b) gods had the most power
c) all people had the same power in society
d) slaves had the least power

What did city-states fight each other for?
a) more protection
b) more food
c) to please the gods
d) more farmland

Because farming was so successful, people were now free to do other jobs. Specializing in particular tasks is referred to as ...?
a) Surplus
b) Division of labor
c) City-State
d) Social hierarchy

The region of Mesopotamia is also referred to as part of the . . .
a) First empire
b) City-state
c) Fertile Crescent
d) Tigris

Mesopotamians used _________ to control the rivers' flow.
a) irrigation
b) farming
c) surplus
d) silt

In Greek, Mesopotamia means...
a) between two oceans
b) between two rivers
c) between two lands
d) between two city-states

Mesopotamia is located between which two rivers?
a) Tigris and Eugris
b) Indian and Pacific
c) Tigris and Euphrates
d) Euphrates and Mediterranean

What did Sumerians believe came from pleasing the gods?
a) wealth
b) success
c) good health
d) all of the above

What advancement did Sumerians develop that influenced their ability to communicate?
a) the wheel
b) plow
c) cuneiform
d) the number 60

This person was a writer who was hired to keep track of items people traded. They often worked for government officials and temples.
a) scribe
b) stylus
c) pictographs
d) cuneiform

Earlier written communication before cuneiform used picture symbols. It can be referred to as...
a) Sumerian
b) Scribe
c) Epic
d) scholars

Name a benefit of becoming a scribe.
a) Learning to draw.
b) Using the number 60.
c) Using a stylus.
d) Moving up in social class.

What was one technical advance Sumerians developed that affected movement?
a) cuneiform
b) the scribe
c) weapons
d) the wheel

Sumerians excelled in math. They developed a math system based on the number ... ?
a) 50
b) 30
c) 120
d) 60

The Sumerians' development of the math system based on the number 60. How is the number used today?
a) The circle is divided into 360 degrees.
b) The year is divided into 12 months (a factor of 60)
c) There are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour.
d) I think all of the answers are correct!

Why might the invention of writing by the Sumerians be one of history's most important advances?
a) It helps us to keep track of history as it happens.
b) It helps us to communicate with others.
c) It helps to tell stories about the past or tell ones we have created.
d) I think all of the answers are correct!

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