Heart Question Preview (ID: 2205)

Students Will Review Their Knowledge Of The Heart.

The P wave of a normal EKG indicates
a) ventricular repolarization
b) atrial depolarization
c) ventricular depolarization
d) atrial repolarization

Normal heart sounds are caused by which of the following events?
a) excitation of the SA node
b) contraction of ventricular muscle
c) friction of blood against the chamber walls
d) closure of the heart valves

Which of the following is not part of the conduction system of the heart?
a) AV node
b) SA node
c) AV valve
d) bundle of His

The membrane closest to the heart muscle is the
a) fibrous pericardium
b) peritoneum
c) visceral pericardium
d) pariental pericardium

Blood from the cardiac muscle itself drains into the
a) superior vena cava
b) coronary sinus
c) left ventricle
d) right ventricle

The pulmonary semilunar valve prevents backflow of blood into the
a) RA
b) LA
c) RV
d) LV

The highest pressure exerted by the heart is called the
a) mean atrial pressure
b) systolic pressure
c) pulse pressure
d) diatstolic pressure

Which part of the heart is the last to become excited during a cardiac cycle?
a) apex
b) ventricular septum
c) atria
d) superior ventricular region

The cardiac reflex control centers are located within the
a) hypothalamus
b) aorta
c) heart
d) medulla oblongata

What is the prominent symptom of pericarditis?
a) increase in blood pressure
b) severe chest pain
c) an irregular heart beat
d) high fever

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