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A large meal.
a) Feast
b) Nibble
c) Chew
d) Gentle

Land surrounded by water
a) Island
b) Notice
c) Famous
d) Feast

Have the same ideas, believe the same things
a) Agree
b) Chew
c) Island
d) Famous

a) Bright
b) Search
c) Chew
d) Weak

A brave person
a) Hero
b) Bright
c) Warn
d) Famous

Place to stay the night.
a) Inn
b) Warn
c) Famous
d) Hero

Not strong
a) Weak
b) Chew
c) Pale
d) Bright

a) Forest
b) Bright
c) Chew
d) Pale

Well Known
a) Famous
b) Chew
c) Bright
d) Island

a) Notice
b) Famous
c) Bright
d) Chew

Not covered.
a) Bare
b) Weak
c) Bright
d) Gentle

Not rough
a) Gentle
b) Feast
c) Nibble
d) Warn

To look hard for something.
a) Search
b) Agree
c) Bare
d) Hero

The president, for example.
a) Leader
b) Famous
c) Hero
d) Search

Slightly wet.
a) Damp
b) Collect
c) Insect
d) Plant

Throw over a large area.
a) Scatter
b) Collect
c) Insect
d) Safe

To gather together.
a) Collect
b) Soil
c) Scatter
d) Safe

The dirt you plant seeds in.
a) Soil
b) Plant
c) Scatter
d) Damp

No danger.
a) Safe
b) Collect
c) Damp
d) Insect

A small animal with six legs and three body parts.
a) Insect
b) Patricio Benolicci
c) Plant
d) Damp

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