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There are certain mandatory tags that every Web page must contain. Which of the following tag pairs are mandatory?
a) body…/body.
b) p…/p.
c) em…/em.
d) h1…/h1

Which of the following best describes what you see when you open a Web page in a text editor?
a) A screen shot of your Web page.
b) Source code.
c) the rendered page
d) video tutorials

Which of the following is a version of HTML that's so new, it's actually still under construction?
a) html5
b) html4
c) xhtml1.1
d) html 3

What does HTML stand for?
a) Human Temperamental Mobile Linguistics.
b) Hypervisor Textual Media Language
c) Hypertext Markup Language.
d) Ham Turkey Mozzarella Linguini.

In the URL http://www.barnesandnoble.com/, which part is the tld (top level domain)?
a) barnesandnoble.com.
b) .com.
c) http://.
d) www.

What does URL stand for?
a) United Resource League.
b) Uniform Resource Locator.
c) Uniformed Registered Learners.
d) Ubiquitous Redundant Lasers.

In Figure 3.02C, all are true about this home page EXCEPT:
a) Links to sitemap.
b) Provides excessive text.
c) Provides several category links.
d) Uses attractive masthead.

Suzanne visited the W3C website to test her website. This is an example of which step accomplished prior to publishing her website?
a) Check site in multiple browsers
b) Validate source code.
c) Check spelling.
d) Check relative and absolute links

Which improves website accessibility for users with disabilities?
a) Providing text equivalents
b) Using audio only pages
c) Using large amounts of color
d) Utilizing style sheets

In Figure 3.02B, the code is an example of: Figure 3.02B head style type=text/css p color:green; text-align:center; font-family:verdana;font-size:10px; /style /head
a) external style sheets.
b) inline styles.
c) internal style sheet.
d) multiple styles.

Which is an example of a file that would be saved in the Images folder?
a) links.doc
b) index.html
c) page2.html
d) planets.gif

html body h4A List:/h4 ol liPresident/li liVice President/li liSecretary/li /ol /body /html. In Figure 3.02A, which will be displayed when the source code is viewed in a browser?
a) President Secretary Vice President
b)  President  Vice President  Secretary
c) 1. President 2. Vice President 3. Secretary
d) o President o Vice President o Secretary

Which HTML code would result in the words “My Webpage” displaying centered, italicized and red?
a) p style=color:red;text_align:centeriMy Webpage/i/p
b) p style=color:red;text=align:centerMy Webpage/p/i
c) p style=color:red;text:centeriMy Webpage/i/p
d) p style=color:red;text-align:centeriMy Webpage/i/p

What is the purpose of HTML tags?
a) Formats document for display in browser
b) Identifies important text
c) Locates parts of the document
d) Marks special parts of the document

Which authoring language is used in this example? html headtitleJohn’s Website/title/head bodybWelcome to my website!/b/body /html
a) css
b) html
c) javascript
d) xml

Suzy uses an open source computer program that allows her to key HTML code and save it so she can publish her website. This computer program is an example of:
a) css
b) host computer
c) validator
d) text editor

How is the primary purpose of the website www.gap.com classified?
a) entertain
b) hybrid
c) inform
d) sell

Which is an ADVANTAGE of web development standards?
a) Developers won't explore emerging techniques.
b) Same browser is required by all users.
c) User computer systems may need updating.
d) Websites are developed more quickly.

Which of the following is another term for folder?
a) Icons.
b) Text editor.
c) directory
d) dialog box

Which tag within the greater than and less than sign in a page's source code lets the user agent know it has reached the end of the document?
a) /head.
b) /html.
c) /title.
d) /body.

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