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1. Convection currents transfer thermal energy ____
a) Between continents
b) From the lithosphere to the crust
c) From warmer regions to cooler regions
d) As a result of buoyancy

2. Features found at DIVERGENT boundaries include
a) Ocean ridges
b) Deep-sea trenches
c) Crumpled mountains
d) Island arc volcanoes

3. Compared to ocean crust near DEEP sea trenches, crust near ocean ridges are
a) Younger
b) Older
c) The same age
d) Magnetically reversed

4. Continental-continental plate collisions produce
a) Island arcs
b) Rift valleys
c) Deep-sea trenches
d) Tall mountains

5. The driving forces of tectonic plate are related to convection currents in Earth's
a) Crust
b) Mantle
c) Inner core
d) Outer core

6. Most volcanoes occur
a) Along convergent boundaries
b) Far from tectonic plate boundaries
c) Along divergent boundaries
d) Randomly

7. Which of these are non-renewable resources?
a) Water, Solar, Wind
b) Coal, Oil, Natural Gas
c) Coal, Solar, Natural Gas
d) Coal, Wind, Oil

8. Earth's core is primarily
a) Oxygen and silicon
b) Iron and oxygen
c) Nickel and Iron
d) Iron and Silicon

9. When an ocean and continental plate CONVERGE, this is created
a) Rift
b) Ridge
c) Trench
d) Valley

10. Earth's crust is
a) Iron and nickel
b) Iron and oxygen
c) Silicon and nickel
d) Oxygen and silicon

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