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Who was in the third estate in France?
a) The king
b) Everyone who was not a noble or member of the clergy
c) Nobles
d) Clergy

The third estate was angry because...
a) They paid all the country's taxes
b) There was a food shortage and people were starving
c) The king wasted money on wars and his expensive court
d) All of the above

Who was in the second estate in France?
a) Lawyers
b) Commoners
c) Nobles
d) Clergy

Who was in the first estate in France?
a) The king
b) Commoners
c) Nobles
d) Clergy

What was the outcome of the American Revolution?
a) The nobles won and colonists were sent to the guillotine
b) Britain won and the colonists were punished
c) The colonists won and the United States became independent
d) France won and overthrew George III

Which is NOT true about the Declaration of Independence?
a) It ended the Revolutionary War
b) It was influenced by Enlightenment ideas
c) It was signed on July 4, 1776
d) It listed all of the colonist's complaints about George III

What was the MAIN cause of the American Revolution?
a) George III's government was bankrupt
b) The Boston Tea Party
c) Unfair taxation
d) The assassination of George Washington

Who said that when a government fails to protect its people's rights, the people should rebel and set up a new government?
a) John Locke
b) Thomas Hobbes
c) Baron Montesquieu
d) Elizabeth I

What is the purpose of a Constitution?
a) To outline the powers of the government
b) To list the rights of the citizens
c) To act as a contract between government and citizens
d) All of the above

Which is true about the Estates General?
a) It was created during Robespierre's time in power
b) It ended in 1789 when the third estate left to form a National Assembly
c) It held more power than the king himself
d) It still exists today

Where did the French citizens get the idea to rebel?
a) The king told them to
b) Enlightenment ideas and the American Revolution
c) From the Russian Revolution
d) From the Haitian Revolution

Which document was issued by the National Assembly?
a) The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
b) The Magna Carta
c) The Bill of Rights
d) The Declaration of Independence

What was Maximilien Robespierre known for?
a) Leading the Reign of Terror
b) Overthrowing Napoleon
c) Supporting the monarchy
d) Opposing the Third Estate

The social class system in Latin America was based mostly on...
a) What language you spoke
b) How much money you made
c) Where you were born and what color your skin was
d) What religion you were

The guillotine was an Enlightenment method of execution because it displayed which part of the revolutionary motto?
a) Revenge
b) Liberty
c) Fraternity
d) Equality

What word best describes the monarchs of other European countries after France declared itself a republic?
a) Nervous
b) Happy
c) Sad
d) Excited

Because of the French Revolution...
a) French citizens got more rights
b) The idea of revolution spread
c) Many lives were lost
d) All of the above

A mob in Paris attacked the Bastille because...
a) They needed the food that was stored inside
b) They wanted to free the king and queen
c) It was a symbol of royal power
d) They were seeking shelter

Ten years into the revolution, most French people...
a) had died on the guillotine
b) were tired of violence and wanted order
c) moved to England
d) had plenty to eat and were happy with the revolution

Who led the revolution in Haiti?
a) Simon Bolivar
b) Toussaint Louverture
c) Napoleon Bonaparte
d) Miguel Hidalgo

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