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Where does a seed form min a flowering plant?
a) The ovary.
b) The stamen
c) The anther.
d) The petal.

Why are forest fires helpful to some plants?
a) The fire makes oxygen for them.
b) The fire makes new roots.
c) The heat releases their seeds.
d) The heat spreads the seeds out.

What type of reproduction occurs when a carrot is placed in water and begins growing roots and leaves?
a) Sexual reproduction.
b) Asexual reproduction.
c) Germinating reproduction.
d) Hypothetical reproduction.

Which of the following palnt processes does a hummingbird help a plant with directly?
a) germination
b) pollination
c) adaptation
d) fertilization

When a male sex cell joins a female sex cell, ____________ occurs.
a) pollination
b) germination
c) vegetative propagation
d) fertilization

The ____________ protects the seed from injury.
a) seed coat
b) stamen
c) seed leaves
d) ovule

The part of the seed that is the baby plant is the _______________.
a) embryo
b) stored food
c) seed coat
d) stamen

How do bees help apple trees reproduce?
a) They carry anther from one blossom to another.
b) They eat anther.
c) The carry pollen from one blossom to another.
d) They eat pollen.

Which of the following is a female part of a flower?
a) anther
b) stamen
c) pollen
d) pistil

What is a tree called before it is 10 cm in diameter, but after it has grown a brown trunk?
a) embryo
b) sapling
c) seedling
d) kid

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