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Madagascar has unique species of plants and animals because
a) continent movements separated populations of organisms.
b) it was part of both Africa and India.
c) it became attached to Africa 165 million years ago.
d) tectonic plate movements melted the global ice sheets.

What often forms when large terranes and continents collide?
a) small volcanic islands.
b) cratons.
c) small coral islands.
d) major mountain chains.

Modern Climates are a result of past movements of
a) populations of organisms.
b) tectonic plates.
c) heat in Earth's interior.
d) rain and snow.

Panthalassa was
a) the supercontinent that formed before Pangaea.
b) one of the continents that formed from Pangaea.
c) the large ocean that surrounded Pangaea.
d) a body of water cut into the eastern edge of Pangaea.

North America and Eurasia were formed when a rift separated the continent of
a) Pangaea.
b) Gondwanaland.
c) Laurasia.
d) Panthalassa.

Process by which large land masses form and break apart over time
a) rifting
b) terrane
c) Pangaea
d) supercontinent-cycle

a piece of lithosphere with magnetic properties different from those of its surrounding.
a) terrane
b) craton
c) shield
d) mountain

a supercontinent formed about 300 million years ago
a) Rodinia
b) Laurasia
c) Gondwanaland
d) Pangaea

Process by which a continent breaks apart
a) rifting
b) colliding
c) terrane
d) tearing

single large ocean covering Earth 300 million years ago
a) Pangaea
b) Rodinia
c) Tethys
d) Panthalassa

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