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Magnetic field that points south
a) supercontinent
b) sea-floor spreading
c) reverse polarity
d) normal polarity

hypothesis that continents were one joined and then broke apart
a) sea-floor spreading
b) mid-ocean ridge
c) continental drift
d) supercontinent

Process by which new ocean lithosphere is formed.
a) sea-floor spreading
b) plate tectonics
c) reversed polarity
d) mid-ocean ridge

Single landmass once formed by the continents
a) Pangaea
b) Laurasia
c) continental drift
d) Supercontinent

Undersea mountain range
a) supercontinent
b) mid-ocean ridge
c) sea-floor spreading
d) continental drift

Scientists used the pattern of alternating normal and reverse polarity in rocks to create the geomagnetic
a) time scale
b) sea-floor time scale
c) reversal time scale
d) normal time scale

What is the crack in the ocean floor through which magma rises?
a) a ridge
b) a rip
c) a rift
d) a rent

How does sediment that is closer to a mid-ocean ridge compare to sediment that is farther away?
a) It is larger.
b) It is smaller.
c) It is older.
d) It is younger.

Magnetic patterns on the ocean floor were puzzling because they
a) showed alternating band of normal and reversed polarity.
b) indicated that all ocean rocks had reversed polarity.
c) were not symmetrical.
d) contradicted the idea of sea-floor spreading.

Wegener's hypothesis of continental drift was finally confirmed by
a) fossils from the same reptile found on two continents.
b) evidence supporting the idea of sea-floor spreading.
c) continental coastline that fit together.
d) the formation of mountain ranges such as the Andes.

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