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The lower boundary of the Earth's crust is called the
a) oceanic crust.
b) mantle.
c) Moho.
d) magnetic pole.

The solid, plastic layer of the mantle is called the
a) core.
b) mesosphere.
c) lithosphere.
d) astenosphere.

All of the following are parts of the compositional structure of Earth EXCEPT the
a) global ocean.
b) mantle.
c) core.
d) crust.

The shape of the Earth most closely resembles a(n)
a) perfect sphere.
b) approximate oval.
c) oblate spheroid.
d) perfect circle.

Approximately 70% of Earth's surface is covered by the
a) continental crust.
b) Moho.
c) mantle.
d) global ocean.

The thin and solid outermost layer of the Earth above the mantle that includes the ocean floor
a) outer core
b) mantle
c) lithosphere
d) crust

The solid, out layer of Earth that consists of the crust and the rigid upper part of the mantle
a) outer core
b) crust
c) lithosphere
d) inner core

This part of the core is liquid.
a) outer core
b) inner core

The layer of rock between Earth's crust and core.
a) asthenosphere
b) lithosphere
c) Moho
d) mantle

The central part of the Earth that is solid
a) outer core
b) inner core

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