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(entre) in English is:
a) tomorrow
b) enter
c) among
d) next

What do you need to navegar en la Red?
a) a calculator
b) a fax machine
c) internet access
d) a toilet

The Spanish word (saber) means
a) to know or be acquainted with
b) to know (how)
c) knife
d) flavor

A (reunion) is
a) a family reunion
b) a class
c) a rehearsal
d) a meeting

La banda will play
a) el musico
b) la musica
c) la practica
d) la natacion

Ganar means
a) to gain weight
b) to lose
c) to win
d) to record

El equipo is
a) equipment
b) the team
c) equals
d) equivalent

Grabar is
a) to record
b) to win
c) hockey
d) to sing

The word (volver) means
a) member
b) to sing
c) to return
d) to take

Las voces is the plural of
a) vaccine
b) voice
c) camera
d) video camera

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