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What point of view is City Green written in?
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) 4th

What is the author's purpose in writing this story?
a) to persuade the reader
b) to entertain the reader
c) to inform the reader
d) to trick the reader

What is the setting of City Green?
a) a suburb
b) a rural area
c) Camden, NJ
d) an urban area

Who is the main character and narrator?
a) DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan
b) Marcy
c) Old Man Hammer
d) Felita

Which character trait does NOT describe Marcy?
a) caring
b) helpful
c) hardworking
d) wasteful

Which of the following is not a main or supporting character in City Green?
a) Old Man Hammer
b) Miss Rosa
c) Marcy
d) Mr. Rocco

Which of the following is NOT a character trait to describe Old Man Hammer?
a) grumpy
b) young
c) sad
d) old

What is the main problem in this story?
a) There is an old lot being wasted.
b) Marcy doesn't know how to garden.
c) Old Man Hammer says, Scram!
d) The neighbors do not know Old Man Hammer well.

How does the problem get solved?
a) Marcy plants strawberries.
b) Old Man Hammer plants sunflowers.
c) A building gets knocked down.
d) The whole neighborhood pitches in to turn the lot into a garden.

What do we learn about Old Man Hammer?
a) He really is jsut a grumpy old man.
b) He loves strawberries.
c) He really does care about the old lot.
d) He wishes the garden was gone.

Which of the following best describes the main idea of City Green?
a) Marcy is sad that an old lot being wasted, so with the help of the entire neighborhood she turns it into a garden.
b) Marcy is sad that Old Man Hammer is mean, but she turns him into a nice guy.
c) Miss Rosa and Marcy plant flowers in coffee cans.
d) Marcy learns how to be a gardener and finds her calling in life.

Which theme best fits the story?
a) An old lot can become a garden.
b) Some people are just plain grumpy.
c) Their is goodness and beauty in everything if you look hard enough.
d) All neighborhoods should have a garden.

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