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Dave wants to print slides 7, 12 and 19-32 of his presentation at the same time. Which print option would allow Dave to enter the slide numbers that he wants to print?
a) Custom Range
b) Print All Slides
c) Print Current Slide
d) Print Selection

Sheila is using the outline view in PowerPoint. She would like to reposition slide 5 to become slide 2. Which command should she use?
a) Expand
b) Expand All
c) Promote
d) Move Up

Charles has asked his teacher to review his presentation and make suggestions for improvement within the file. Which print option allows him to print these suggestions?
a) Frame Slides
b) Print Comments and Ink Markup
c) Print Hidden Slides
d) Scale to Fit Paper

Tammy is preparing to give a presentation. She would like to view information that will remind her what to say to her audience but that they will not see. Which view should she print?
a) normal
b) notes page
c) slide sorter
d) slide show

Dave wants to print only the slide on which he is currently working. Which print option should he use?
a) Custom Range
b) Print All Slides
c) Print Current Slide
d) Collated Slides

In preparation for an upcoming presentation, Shanna is importing a document that includes the text into PowerPoint. Which of the following features should she use?
a) Layout
b) Object
c) Outline
d) Template

Ashley has a limited supply of paper. Which print layout option will minimize the amount of paper used and includes up to nine images per page?
a) Full Page Slides
b) Notes Pages
c) Outline
d) Handouts

Which area in the Print dialog box is used to change the default printer?
a) Printer Properties
b) Printer Status Dropdown
c) Printer Edit
d) Printer Setup Command

In Slide Sorter view, which method is used to change slide order?
a) Move command from the Shortcut Menu
b) Move command from the Quick Access Toolbar
c) Drag and drop to new location
d) Rearrange command from Home ribbon

David wants to quickly change the font color of the bulleted items on slides 2, 3, and 7 of his biology presentation. In which pane would he most easily accomplish this task?
a) Slides Pane
b) Outline Pane
c) Notes Pane
d) Slide Sorter

Charles has several slides in his presentation which are either smaller or larger than the paper size in the printer. Which print option should he use to ensure that each slide utilizes the maximum print area?
a) Frame Slides
b) Print Comments and Ink Markup
c) Print Hidden Slides
d) D. Scale to Fit Paper

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