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a) to scuba dive
b) to explore
c) to fish
d) to row

a) to fish
b) to dive
c) to hang glide
d) to row

a) to row
b) to scuba dive
c) to hang glide
d) to fish

tirarse al agua
a) to dive
b) to row
c) to fish
d) to hang glide

volar con ala delta
a) to hang glide
b) to fish
c) to scuba dive
d) to row

la arena
a) the sand
b) the shark
c) the flashlight
d) the tide

la ballena
a) the whale
b) the shore
c) the tent
d) the fishing pole

los caracoles
a) the sea shells
b) the sunglasses
c) the waves
d) the binoculars

la fogata
a) the campfire
b) the flashlight
c) the whale
d) the sand

las gafas del sol
a) the sunglasses
b) the waves
c) the binoculars
d) the sea shells

el mar
a) the sea
b) the shore
c) the fish
d) the camp fire

la marea
a) the tide
b) the sea
c) the tent
d) the sand

la orilla
a) the shore
b) the shark
c) the camp fire
d) the beach ball

las olas
a) the waves
b) the sunglasses
c) the sea shells
d) the binoculars

el tiburón
a) the shark
b) the fishing pole
c) the tide
d) the tent

la tienda de campaña
a) the tent
b) the camp fire
c) the flash light
d) the fishing pole

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