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Why do humans modify their environments?
a) To make their lives easier
b) To make life possible in different places
c) To have fun things to do
d) None of the above

Hoover Dam - Why is water important?
a) It provides the ability for life to survive
b) It’s fun to swim in
c) You need it for proper sanitation
d) Water is not important

Hoover Dam - How are they able to use the Hoover Dam?
a) to prevent floods
b) to provide electricity
c) to provide irrigation water
d) all of the above

Hoover Dam - How did the geography affect the building of the Hoover Dam?
a) They built it there because there wasn’t a lot of water there
b) They built it there because there was a lot of water there
c) They built it there because it gets very cold in the winter
d) They built it there because it gets very hot in the summer

Stone Age – What might the cavemen have used bones of animals for?
a) tools and weapons
b) food
c) jewelry
d) none of the above

Stone Age - What parts of the animals did cavemen use?
a) only the meat
b) only the bones
c) the meat and bones
d) all parts of the animal

Stone Age - What changed when cavemen learned out to farm and raise animals instead of hunting?
a) They were able to eat more all the time
b) They were able to raise families
c) They were able to stay in one place
d) Nothing changed

Anasazi - If they had lived on the plains, what might have been different about the Anasazi?
a) They might have built longhouses out of wood
b) They might have built teepees out of buffalo skin
c) They might have lived near a river to have enough water to drink
d) It wouldn’t have been different

Anasazi - What is one material they used to build their homes?
a) stone
b) wood
c) cement
d) buffalo skin

Anasazi - How did geography affect how they built their homes?
a) They lived near a river to have enough water to drink
b) They used the materials they had near them to build their homes
c) They built tall homes to protect against the cold
d) Geography didn’t affect how they built their homes

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