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Where was Cesar Chavez born?
a) Guadalajara, Mexico
b) Juarez, Mexico
c) Yuma, Arizona
d) Oxnard, California

Why did Cesar Chavez become a migrant worker?
a) His family lost their farm during the Great Depression.
b) His family had always done that kind of work.
c) He was appalled by the conditions of migrant workers and wanted to understand them better.
d) It paid better than working his own farm.

What group is he famous for founding?
a) Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee
b) Farm Workers Union of America
d) United Farm Workers

What food did Cesar first choose to boycott to force better working conditions for farm laborers?
a) grapes
b) apricots
c) grapefruit
d) avocados

Who called Chavez one of the heroic figures of our time?”
a) California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
b) UFW Co-Founder Dolores Huerta
c) U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy
d) Speaker Nancy Pelosi

How old was Cesar Chavez when he died in 1993?
a) 39
b) 53
c) 66
d) 82

How many children did Cesar Chavez have?
a) 0
b) 2
c) 4
d) 8

Eight states have established a holiday to honor Cesar Chavez. When is it?
a) March 31st, his birthday
b) April 23rd, the day of his death
c) September 16th, the first day of the Delano Grape Strike
d) December 10, the day Cesar was put in Salinas jail for refusing to stop the lettuce boycott

What is the average pay for migrant farm workers?
a) $20/hour
b) $6/hour
c) $10/hour
d) $3/hour

Chavez's motto was Si, se puede - what does it mean?
a) Yes, it can be done
b) Yes, we must strike
c) we will overcome
d) Yes, you can

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