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What two requirements had to be met for an animal to be clean under the Mosaic law?
a) It had to be washed and the blood drained
b) It had to have a cloven hoof, and it had to chew the cud.
c) It had to weigh between 45 pounds and 300 pounds.
d) It could not be younger than one year.

What of the following is not one of Aaron's sons?
a) Nadab
b) Ithamar
c) Mephibosheth
d) Abihu

What does consecrate mean
a) To make healthy
b) To make safe
c) To make sacred
d) To make happy

What did Aaron do 8 days after his ordination as high priest?
a) He went into the Most Holy Place
b) He traveled to Jerusalem to begin the Temple
c) He went onto the mountain to talk to God
d) He offered the sin offering for himself and the people of Isreal.

What did Aaron's sons do that was wrong?
a) They offered fire that was unauthorized.
b) They ate the bread on the table in the tabernacle.
c) They did not honor the grain offering.
d) They ate what was not permitted.

What rule were the Israelites given in reference to harvesting their fields?
a) Get every scrap of grain available to prepare for the Sabbath years.
b) Save 20 sheaves of grain to offer as sacrifice.
c) Don't harvest the corners, and don't glean.
d) Give every third sheaf to the poor of the community.

According to Hebrews 7 verse 11, why was there a need for a new priesthood?
a) perfection could not be acheived through the Levitical priesthood
b) the Levitical priests died out and no one was left to serve as priest
c) the priests were no longer serving as the law commands
d) God was displeased with the Levites

In Hebrews chapter 9, who is named our high priest?
a) Melchizedek
b) Jesus
c) Aaron
d) our current minister

In which way is Jesus like the high priests of the Old Testament
a) He is perfect
b) He makes atonement for our sins
c) He is always in the presence of God
d) He was of the tribe of Levi

Which of the following is NOT part of the priests' clothing?
a) turban
b) jeweled belt
c) ephod
d) breastplate

How did Moses consecrate Aaron?
a) anointed his head with oil
b) washed his entire body
c) wiped blood on his hands
d) had him kill a goat

According to Hebrews 8, the covenant of which Jesus is a mediator is _________________ that which Moses mediated.
a) the same as
b) superior to
c) inferior to
d) equal to

Chapter 1 of Leviticus deals with ___________________ offerings
a) burnt
b) sin
c) guilt
d) grain

Chapter 4 deals with ___________________ offerings
a) burnt
b) sin
c) grain
d) guilt

Hebrews chapter 8 says that the tabernacle of the Isrealites was a __________ of what is in heaven.
a) shadow
b) reflection
c) twin
d) opposite

Priests were allowed to marry...
a) widows
b) prostitutes
c) virgins
d) divorcees

Of the following, which would be an unacceptable sacrifice?
a) wine
b) grain
c) a dove
d) a lamb with a defect

Every fiftieth year was
a) time to move
b) the year of Jubilee
c) the feast of tabernacles
d) a holy convocation

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